Images 8

Edition 8 Images.

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1. The Brandenburg Gate, from the Western side, c.1986. During the period the wall existed, only border guards could go into the area where the Gate stood. Even on the Eastern side, everyone was kept away.

2. Viewing Platform at Neiderkirchnerstrasse. The West Berlin authorities thoughtfully put up viewing platforms, so visitors could see over the wall at various key points. They were also thoughtful enough to put up signs absolving themselves from any responsibility if the East German border guards opened fire on you!

3. Heidelberger Strasse. This is the same place as shown in pictures from the 1st edition numbers 3 and 7. This one shows how close the wall was here to the buildings around it.

4. Bethaniendamm. This is the same graffiti as shown in Edition 7 number three, but slightly earlier, and therefore undefaced. The scan is a big file, over 88k, and is in the form of several photos joined up to show the full stretch of the wall either side.

5. Viewing platform at Stalschreiber Str. Someone has painted large white letters over the colourful paintings on the wall. A pity, but nothing could be done about it.

6. A closer view of the Platform. On the wall on the left it can be seen a show, I think a Circus Show of some sort, has flyposted its posters on the wall.

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