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1. The Brandenburg Gate, Winter '79
Ther Berlin Wall was rebuilt several times in its history to 'improve' it. This last version of the Wall had not been up long when this picture was taken, hence the comparative lack of graffiti.

2. Boyen Strasse, 1980. Here a previous version of the Wall could still be seen, made of concrete slabs laid on top of each other, with Y-shaped mountings intended to support barbed wire. Barbed wire was given up later on because it still provided a handhold to escapers, (albeit a rather painful one!). The buildings beyond are part of a hospital.

3. Bethaniendamm.1986 A place I photographed many times gained an extravagant graffitto on the Wall in this 'Super Hero' figure.

4. Potsdamerplatz. 1989 The kerbstones of Potsdamerstrasse are visible going under the wall.

5. Friedrichstrasse crossing point, (Checkpoint Charlie). This picture is actually of the East German border control buildings, just at the beginning phase of the construction of the large 'Customs Shed' facility that was built in the late eighties. This structure roofed over a section of Friedrichstrasse, with the new control buildings underneath. In this picture the old sheds made of corrugated material were still in use. The state symbol of the DDR is visible painted onto a slab centre right.

6. Grepos in the wall-zone. I'm not sure where this was any more. It may be Stallschreiberstrasse. It was certainly in that that area. Grepos, (border guards), always went around in pairs, to stop each other from escaping, as well as to shoot their fellow-citizens who tried to get to the west. There was much promised by West Germany concerning the prosecution of some of these killers after re-unification. But little in fact was done.

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