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1. 'Freiheit'. A volkswagen splashes through the muddy pools near the site of Potsdamer Platz, circa 1985. Someone has painted 'Freiheit'.... 'Freedom' on the wall, with painted ladders expressing the wish visually.

2.Guards in Potsdamer Platz, c. 1983. Two young 'Grepos' - Grenzpolizei, take a break from patrolling Potsdamer Platz. One smokes, while the other shelters from the wind behind a concrete 'pillbox'. Note the girders forming tanktraps in the foreground.

3.Leipziger Platz c.1983 Leipziger Platz was next to Potsdamer Platz, and also found itself in the 'No Man.s Land' in the border zone. Here the guards are going to their restroom, which is situated in the old, then disused underground train, or Metro station. They are just approaching the stairway down, which is behind the white railing.One may also see in this picture some of the original road surfaces of Potsdamer Platz, though the buildings, of course, are all gone.

4.Potsdamer Platz c.1983 Twighlight over Potsdamer Platz. The tanktraps march across the scene, the bright lights and streaming traffic of the old days are just a memory.

5.Souvenir Shops,Potsdamer Strasse c.1988 The fancy emporiums of yesteryear were replaced by tacky sheds offering cheap Berlin Wall souvenirs and snacks to the 'Wall Tourists' who came to this now desolate place to stand on the viewing platform to gaze over at the site of the Platz. In this picture the wall can be seen in the background on the right. The East Berlin Television tower pokes up behind it.

6.Potsdamer Platz c.1988 The tanktraps were taken away in the mid-eighties. They fooled no-one, neither did the name the East Germans gave the wall, 'The Anti-Fascist Protection Barrier'. The purpose of the wall was very obviously to keep their own people in, not us 'Fascists' out. We Westerners could come and go as we pleased through 'Checkpoint Charlie'. The small hillock at the far left in the 'No Man's Zone' marks the site of one of Hitler's bunkers which were underneath the Chancellory on that site.

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