'The Country Wall' - Images

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This American Army patrol is checking on East German borderguard activity near Ringstrasse by the Country Wall.


This is what the American Army patrol (above) was looking at. A guard tower. There had been an incident here the previous night, when East German border guards had climbed over the wall at this point, and gone into a nearby bar in West Berlin!


A church cut off from its parishioners by the Country Wall.


The entry of the main railway line into West Berlin having crossed East German territory, surrounded by fences and overlooked by guardtowers.


A guard dog in the border area near Staaken. Locals living nearby used to complain of the howling and barking at night. They were specially trained to be vicious. Quite a few were rehabilitated and found private homes after the fall of the wall.


The remains of the old Staaken station in a period when the line had become disused by the local S-Bahn. This station was never re-used, and is now gone.

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