Fourth Edition
Berlin Wall Photographs

These are this month's images. Click on the thumbnnail to download a full size version.

I. BethanianDamm

This was taken near BethanienDamm, where some of the most colourful graffiti was painted. Buildings close to the wall were often blighted by their proximity to it, especially if access to the building was limited. Many were pulled down. Here an empty space is a dumping ground for a burnt-out car.

2. .Checkpoint Charlie

Here is Checkpoint Charlie,as it was until the mid eighties. Beyond on the Eastern side, building work is just beginning on the new 'International Border' style customs shed. Since unification this area is again the focus of much rebuilding work.

3. Border Guards

These DDR border guards would have been obliged to shoot any of the people around them in the 'Death Zone' just a few months previously. Here, in 1989,they just look unsure of themselves. The picture was taken on Niederkirchnerstrasse.

4. WaldemarStr.

Here one of the guard towers on Waldemarstrasse can be seen over the colourfully painted wall. A guard is on the path by the tower. The guards were obliged to take note of, and possibly photograph anyone taking an unusual interest in the border defences. There are probably many pictures of myself in the DDR archives!

5. Hole in The Wall

The wall is breached,but the DDR continues behind its leaky border defenses. It's 1989, and a young border guard chats with a young mother through a hole in the wall.

6. ZimmerStr.

These were the closest buildings to Checkpoint Charlie on the Eastern side. They housed the printing press for the 'Neue Ziet' newspaper. The extra section of the wall at right-angles to the main wall was built when two printers got through the bars on the windows of the ground floor of the building, and found the West was a few mere steps away!

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