Third Edition Images.

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BERNAUER STR. The new Bernauer Strasse crossing point in 1990. The DDR still exists,but the wall is breached.Soon-to-be-unemployed border guards still check passports,but they now have very little power to stop anyone passing over the border. Download.
In this picture from 1980,Ebert Strasse,which lay along the border line south of Potsdamer Platz,shows the wall to the left,the street itself covered with sand to show escapers' footprints,and at this time,the girder tank traps were still present.They were taken away shortly after. Just over the wall at the far end can be seen the Potsdamer Platz viewing platform,filled with western tourists,their coloured clothing just showing up in the photograph. Download
Another new border crossing was set up at the end of Bernauer Strasse,which had been cut off by the wall at this point as it ran into Eberswalder Strasse. The remains of the wall can be seen on the left of the picture. Download
This guard tower was at the left hand side of the Brandenburg Gate as you looked at it from the western side. The photograph was taken from a viewing platform,which put the curious tourists quite close to the border guards in the tower. The guards,however,were forbidden to make any communication with the Westerners. Download
This is the famous 'Spy Swop' bridge,situated on the south-west border of Berlin,where it runs through the centre of the Havel River. On the other side,the large houses of the pre-war wealthy can be seen,used then as quarters for the border guards. Download
The Wall pecked to death! As soon as the wall lost its function,the 'wall-peckers' began their attack. People living near the wall were kept awake at nights by the constant hammering. Shards of wall were sold on the streets for 20 marks each. Parts of the wall intended to be preserved as memorials had to be protected from them! This photo is of the remains of the wall at Zimmer Strasse,right next to Checkpoint Charlie. Download
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