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Welcome to the eighth edition of my site all about the Berlin Wall, my own 'Postcards 
from the Cutting Edge' of Cold War politics. As usual, all the previous editions are still
available in the 'Archive' section. There are eight essays in total on this site, and eight
sets of pictures. Look at them all, and tell me what you think!

 BERLIN 2005 10 years later I went back...
     Read about my return to old haunts.
 "The House at the Bridge: A Story of Modern Germany" Greg O'Brien, who now
     hosts this site on his server, has his own site about this important book concerning
     the border between East and West. There are also many useful Berlin Wall links
     on this site 
 The West Berlin Free University has a server with much of interest to those studying 
     the Berlin wall. Some of it is in English. There is a short History of the Berlin Wall here. 
 East Germany. Here are a couple of sites about the old East Germany. (DDR)
     Some people do feel nostalgic about the old East German state!
     These are links to sites about the old East Germany... and
     Ability to read German recommended.

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Students note! Though I am happy to allow any use of my material for educational projects, please do not write to me expecting me to write your essays for you! Most points of fact are covered in the History of the Berlin Wall linked to on this page at I may answer any other specific questions, but everything else that I have to give is on this site, and may be downloaded and used. Also I do not do 'interviews', so don't ask!

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