Second Edition Pictures

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Details of the images.

1. Heidelberger Strasse. Devil-like figures painted on the wall add to the surreal scene.

2. Kommandanten Strasse. This unique wall painting, stretched out so that it could only be properly seen when looked at from the side, was only allowed a few weeks of existance before it was destroyed by overpainting.

3. Invaliden Strasse crossing point. This crossing point was reserved for West Berliners, so most foreign visitors were unaware of its existence. Checkpoint Charlie was the crossing point for foreigners.

4. Niederkirchner Strasse. This building, just on the Eastern side of the border,was built as a Parliament house for the State of Prussia. Prussia was abolished and any possible future reconstitution forbidden at the end of World War II,and the building remained in limbo until the end of the DDR regime. It has since been refurbished as a council chamber for the Berlin City Council.

5. Niederkirchner Strasse. This is the far end of the street from the previous photograph. The site of the former Gestapo Headquarters is to the left. This section of the Berlin Wall has been preserved, though much damaged by 'wall-peckers', as a memorial.

6. Bethaniendamm. View of the wall from a viewing platform at the corner of K–penicker Strasse. The line of painted silhouetted figures on the wall was photographed many times, and became quite famous.

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