1st Edition Pictures
The Pictures from the Ist Edition.

Contact Sheet, Ist set of Pictures

These were the first pictures posted in this series.

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1.Bethaniendamm. A curving section of the wall in Kreuzberg, painted with some of the more spectacular graffiti,as befits the 'Bohemian' neighbourhood.

2.Stalschreiber Str. This section, also in Kreuzberg, was extravagantly painted, apparently by one hand.

3.Heidelberger Strasse. The apartment block on the eastern side was demolished by the DDR authorities not long after this picture was taken, as were most buildings close to the border.

4.Sebastian Strasse. Utilitarian apartment blocks overlook the wall, decorated here with grim graffiti.

5.Linden Str. The wall cut this street off at its top end. Here the wall makes a formerly busy city street into no more than a bicycle track.

6.Stresemann Strasse. Another busy city-centre district turned into a backwater by the wall.

7.Heidelberger Strasse. Despite the loss of the road outside, a local shop kept trading. The sidewalk was also officially DDR territory, but the wall was always built at least five metres inside the boundary, so the locals could use this for access.

8.Niederkirchner Strasse. Formerly Prinz Albrecht Strasse, site of the infamous Gestapo headquarters. They were housed in a former Art School, beyond the large building (Gropiusbau) on the right.

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